Euda Henderson

Born of Jamaican heritage, Euda has a unique and valuable cultural understanding of the Caribbean people and their needs. As the president and owner of Island Plumbing Distributors, Euda is responsible for running all facets of the business. 

Euda gained administrative experience while with the Grace Kennedy Groups of Companies, Headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica. She migrated to America in 1994, earned her degree in business administration, while in management employment with Home Depot where she gained considerable product knowledge.

Euda join John Grable Exports in 2005 as Sales Director, and advance rapidly to the position of President. At John Grable Exports she led the transformation into an enterprise-focused company, while strengthening client relationships and the customer service that characterize the company. In addition she has experience developing and maintaining relationship with big box retail chain and distribution channels, and deploying continuous improvement tools to excel business performance and client satisfaction. 

In 2010 when the company decided to close, she formed Island Plumbing Distributors, LLC. A value-driven business, that believes in strong relationships, high quality products at the most competitive price, while delivering superior customer service. 



President and Owner

Janette Gutierrez

Janette was born in New Jersey and is of Colombian Heritage. She attended Nova Southeastern University and attained an Associates Degree in Accounting. She has been with Island Plumbing Distributors, LLC. since 2010 when the company was formed, starting as Office Manager and Accounts Payable and raising to the position of Vice President where she oversees the daily business activities. Janette works very closely with the Owner and President, Euda Henderson. 

Vice President

John Thomason

John has over 50 Years of service and experience in the Caribbean export industry. He owned and operated John Grable Exports growing it to be one of the largest, if not the largest such company in the industry until retiring briefly in 2010. Only to return and join the Island Plumbing Distributors team as the Director of Sales and Marketing in 2015. All the year of travel within the Caribbean has blessed him with cultural understanding and many friendships. That along with his product knowledge cannot be surpassed by anyone. John has said that many of our customers then and now in his history are in their 3rd Generation of family ownership. He is always glad to assist you with your requirements in bringing you the best of service and products both at fair prices. 

Sales and Marketing Director

Luca Henderson - Pavia

Luca is the Director of Purchasing at Island Plumbing Distributors. Over the four years he has been at Island Plumbing Distributors, he has held positions of increasing levels of responsibility, having started with our logistic department and than, Executive Assistant of Strategic Sourcing, before being promoted to Department Head. 

Luca is responsible for oversight of the Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Procurement Card and E-Procurement functions. 

 Prior to to joining Island Plumbing Distributors, Luca spend four years in the Logistic  and Purchasing Department at John Grable Exports. Luca rose through the ranks from Assistant Buyer to Buyer and then to Senior Buyer. His primary responsibility was in the management and replenishment of the inventory. 

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Luca migrated with his family to South Florida at the short age of three. He currently resides in the Fort Lauderdale Metropolitan area along with his family. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor in Business Administration. 

Director of Purchasing

Heberto Leon

Heberto is the Sales and Marketing Specialist, with responsibility for marketing program, brand management and client relation, working very closely under the leadership of John Thomason, Heberto currently serves as the bridge between Island Plumbing Distributors, LLC. and Latin America. 

Prior to joining Island Plumbing Distributor, LLC., he worked in strategic business development and marketing at several multinational companies and across several industries including, Telecommunications, Tobacco, Technology and Luxury Consumer Goods. Heberto's greatest strengths are his creativity, drive and out of the box thinking. He thrives in challenges, particularly does that expand the company reach.  

Born in Venezuela, He migrated with his family to Miami at the age of thirteen, experiencing many cultures first hand and broadening his understanding of them. He currently lives in the City of Plantation, Florida where he resides with his wife Amanda. 

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Garrett Bradley

Garrett Bradley is the Warehouse Manager for Island Plumbing Distributor, LLC. He has 30 Years of warehouse management experience and has held his management position for over 5 years with IPD. Garret oversees shipping, receiving, gathering orders, and dispatching the delivery trucks daily. He strives to provide IPD customers with high efficiency and high quality service. 

Warehouse Manager

Mike Lynch

Mike is Island Plumbing Distributors Delivery Driver, he is responsible for for the safe and prompt transport of cargo goods being delivered in the South Florida region. Mike was born and raised in Boston, MA. and lived there for 37 years, he moved to South Florida in 2005. Mike joined IPD team in 2014, prior to working with IPD he worked as truck driver for a national freight liner. 

Delivery Driver

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